Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amon's thoughts:
"I had no other choice. I betrayed them all, submitting to the enemy to save our nation from the inevitable death that awaited us. Maybe it was pride that caused so much of my sorrow, knowing I failed to keep my covenants, or perhaps it was the thought of spending the rest of eternity, a monster, spellbound in purgatory, waiting for my angel to come. There was no comfort in finding the face that haunted my visions and plagued my heart. My very soul was bound to the depths of hell knowing that when my angel with the eyes of the devil came to dance for me, my hand would be forced to take her life; freeing her beautiful soul from the evil contamination that drove her to maddness- it was my curse. Until the moment of her betrayal, I would be her guardian for my own selfish needs and her teacher of bravery by tormenting her dreams; all in hopes of changing the hands of fate. By all of this I pray she sees the evil in what she may become. I will be her demon in hopes of keeping her an angel... my angel, my 'Jameel.' "

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