Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm in the process of editing my story for the final time before sending out my queries to potential agents. Creating a story for the first time was such an amazing journey. The countless hours hovering over my computer seemed to fly by, sleepless nights didn't hinder my focus in any way. I never once asked myself if it was worth it. I just wanted to prove to my children that hard work and perseverance in itself is success; and if you did your best, never bending or saying "Its too hard," or "I'm not as good as them," then the product of your trials is a better you; a "you" you didn't even know existed, and that's when the divinity given to each of us is allowed to grow. I want my boys to see my rejections when they come; and they will. I want them to see how much pain it causes when you think you've done your best and find its not good enough. I want them to see me continue to work hard and struggle, no matter how hard, or how impossible my situation seems to be. Because we all have to experience that , right? There's no "Bail-outs" when it comes to real life. I'm outlining another book; I had already outlined 2 comedies but they didn't have the drive I needed; they felt forced. This new story will be a turning point in my life; an awakening of sorts. "Fallen Mercy" will by far be the hardest project I've ever attempted. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Becky your so great where do you find the time? lol Nobody loves you like you do.

Anonymous said...

Your funny, and I'm aware of you alias, "Anonymous." Finding time is an impossibility, however, I can create it. lol