Friday, May 29, 2009

So here it is, another summer and I have to tell my family "just give me a couple more months." My blog looks like crap, I haven't worked out in weeks, my nails are down to nubbins, every pencil in the house has a chewed on eraser and my street bike...sniff sniff... is dirty! I take her out as much as I can but there's no time to wash her!! My edits have gone from neurotic to, I've completely rewrote the dang book! Would have been so much faster if I just started over rather than rewriting all the time. So yes, I will lie to my mom and dad and tell them it will only be a couple more months before they get the Manuscript, but is it lieing if in my heart I WANT that to be true? Man I hate my 12th grade English teacher right now. Every time I find another mistake his condescending voice creeps into my head, "I'm so tired of seeing the back of your head Miller!! One day you'll regret not paying attention, I promise you!" To which I responded with an eye roll and a chuckle thinking, "I'm sure you're right, Mr. Comb Over, one day I will regret not knowing the difference between lay, lie, has lain and has gotten laid, whatever loser!" UGGHHH, who would of thought I could actually sit still long enough to write a letter let alone a book! Or three! Yeah, by the way I did figure out the difference between lay and lie but it merely took one writers conference with 2 women arguing about it to completely blend my brains like wheat grass in a hippy bar.
Last thought for the day-my blog looks like crap-Duh, I know. But I simply have no time to fix it. But, I will try to get to it because boy do I have some fun stories (and pictures) I want to share about my bike trips. So hang on, and hopefully "in a couple of months" LOL I should have this place all spruced up with pics. and all kinds of fun bike adventure stories. Here's a teaser, last trip I saw a cow, a deer and a fish all cross the road. The fish didn't make it...

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