Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So I read an amazing book. It taught me, in simple steps, how to be a better writer. The problem? I read it after submitting my first chapter to Al Zuckerman, (for those of you who don't know know that name, he's the FOUNDER of the largest agency in NY./Writers House) He is also the genius who wrote the book I read. UGHHHH! Live, learn and laugh till ya cry. Now, I have a new first chapter and I am proud to say, I LOVE IT!! Thanks ALBERT, to bad you'll never read it. Maybe you can catch it on the big screen some day. LOL... ANNNNNy Hooo, the rest of the book is having serious growing pains but in the end I know it will all be worth it. I can honestly say I feel the next book will be a breeze. It has to be right? I mean, I've learned, the hard and embarrassing way, (as usual) that a good story can't be rushed and the tools of the trade are out there, waiting for my greedy little mind to absorb them. K, I think I'll just walk away from the little mind comment and say to my family, the snow birds in MI, who are so patiently waiting to read my manuscript, thank you for WANTING to read it first of all, and...give me just 3 more months, lol. I know you've heard it before, but....its summer guys, (voice now whinny) and I gotta ride my motorcycle before it gets too cold. No, I will be finished, even if it kills me, by July. Last but certainly not least, I had the privilege to go and see Queensryche this past weekend, in Salt Lake. Just wanted to give a huge, (never to be heard) thank you to that band for their amazing and inspirational music and a special thanks the Mr. Tate for sharing his daughter's talents. It must have been a hard decision for his family. Watching him hold her hand, making sure she felt safe, was a feeling I would never know but was honored to watch. Good for you Geoff!!

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